2008 Resolution

Dear Friends,

i miss every one of you, i hope you are all studying hard, and for those who finished, working hard to achieve their dreams, and having fun too.
7 Days and 2007 will leave, and 2008 will come, it is the yearly time for evaluation, for refreshing and for asking ourselves some questions, and have a resolution for the coming year.

at the end of 2007, what type are you ??

Stuck – Stargazer – Victim – or Success

and which one of them you want to be one year from now ?

by the end of 2008 do you want to say that ??

I’m Stuck
Foiled and fumbled, I’ve come to a screeching halt
My spirit is broken and reserves drained empty
I need to know what happened and assign due fault
I am trying to move but the guilt and excuses are weighty
So much goes on inside the mind stopped
Stories, replays, and why rationalizations
Progress held up and dreams overshadowed
By parasitic and carnivorous preconceived notions
Being stuck saps the soul of optimism and drive
Quicksand dense and stronger by the day
Living pushed aside by a need to survive
My goals and intentions have lost their way

or that ?

I’m a Stargazer
One day I’ll create a grand and elegant solution
Heralded, admired, and subject to benchmark
Pride will gush for being a catalyst to revolution
Success will flow like water and shine from dark
Tomorrow will be great I can feel it in my bones
Inspiration will pour into new plans of progress
Just need to discover and define the unknowns
Research options and queries listed to address
Premature launches discredit the value of sound timing
Patience and preparation consume and keep me hopeful
Like a stargazer I keep looking, seeking, staring
The sights and skies inspiring and wonderful

may be this ?

I’m a Victim
I can’t try any harder; I’m stressed and weary
At each turn another hurdle, failure or setback
How much will it take, I’m getting grouchy
I’ve made the effort, now I want a payback
So many avenues have been exhausted
Really, I am not a lazy or uncaring person
I’ve taken advice and remained open minded
These poor results are not supposed to happen!
Why has life chosen to be so cruel?
Why do I deserve this unfair treatment?
Why is this path so long and painful?
Why is success so elusive and distant?

definitely everyone of us want to say that :

I’m a Success
Spent, invigorated, victorious
I’ve made it to my mountain peak
The right map offered precise focus
Got there with perseverance and technique
The satisfaction of going all the way
Is large and grand like Everest
Mini miracles, hard work, some play
Success on purpose and by design is the best!
I knew what I wanted
I knew the best pathway
I did what I needed
I hit a grand slam, hooray!

i am sure everyone of us want to say that, and now it is the time to have the resolution you and i want for the new year
but is it enough to have the resolution only ?
answer is No, you need to focus and take actions
Focus occurs when a resolution is well defined and targeted on solving important problems (not symptoms) or seizing exciting opportunities. The desired outcome is clear, challenging, but attainable and Actions are selected based on how well they support the goal and the tendency to get sidetracked is rejected.


These steps might help you :1. Embrace the opportunity to change your life.
2. New Year’s Resolutions can be fun – let yours kickstart your year.
3. Select a resolution that you find exciting and meaningful.
4. Share your resolution with everyone!
5. Create a plan for success.
6. Get into action.
7. Adjust the plan as needed.
8. Stay in action.
9. Celebrate your successes!

i have been going some blogs and found this resolution for a blogger

1. Not to use any software after the evaluation period is over
2. Learn something new
3. Give something back to the this wonderful community

so lets write ours 🙂

i have found a great book also, called Make 2008 Great
and it is like a tool to help you evaluate the last year, and decide what you want to achieve the next year.
you can find it here

i suggest you print it and answer every single question, it will help you to focus on what you really want and get it done.
good luck every one
and happy new year….

// some parts are from Management Craft Blog.

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