Can you stop being you ?


What would you do if you have to be someone else, if suddenly you discover that the one you are now doesn’t fit in this life, some people will say forget it, i am what i am, people has to adopt themselves and accept me.

Now what if they don’t, what if your actions is being refused, your ideas not to be shared with them, your needs are neglected, until you change your attitude, your reactions, in another word, YOU.

Would you trade yourself for those you love ?

Can you stop being you for someone ? especially when you don’t feel they are ready to do the same for you ?

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Radwa Ahmed
Radwa Ahmed

Really i like these thoughts so much, they are amazing. very meaningful and very true……Excellent efforts, keep it on…


la2 tab3an
I am what I am

fi wa2t geh 3alaia keda , 2a3adt fatra kont 3ayez a3’aiar nafsi 3ashan elnas , w makontesh taye2 la nafsi wala elnas, bas efred 3’aiart w la2et nas tania mesh 3agebhom hat3’aiar nafsak tani ?????????

be urself , be patient
believe in Allah and urself

no name
no name

I have tried……….but failed