Monthly Archives: November 2008

Appcelerator :: Building RIA Apps and Use Cases with ease

Yesterday i was browsing Zend Framework Webinars, and i stopped by the title :

Get “Rich” Quick : Building Ajax-based RIAs with the Zend Framework and Appcelerator

i didn’t hear about the Appcelerator thing before, but the title was really interesting as i use Zend framework extensively and it is a great idea to add some interactivity and UI to my apps.

after watching the webinars, i really liked the idea of being able to build the full prototype and have it working with no server side code, and then in the development phase with some slight changes to the prototype, it becomes the working front end interacting with the server side code with no problems @ all.

i went to and gave it a try on the fly, that got me more interested. so i downloaded the sdk installer for MAC and installed it, the installation was at ease, even creating the projects and testing.

Appcelerator supports what we call “technology driven agile development” and we call that process Interactive Use Cases.

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid – Fix Static IP & Network Manager Problem

Hey all,

today i have installed the new release of Ubuntu, 8.10 Intrepid

but i had a problem setting my IP to a static one, when i do this through the network manager, and when i edited the network files manually nothing worked, so here is the steps i followed to solve the problem :

first i removed the network manager

sudo update-rc.d -f NetworkManager remove

then i added my network configuration by editing the file /etc/network/interfaces

sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces

so it looks like

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

then i edited the file /etc/resolv.conf to add my DNS

sudo nano -w /etc/resolv.conf

to look like

# Generated by NetworkManager

then i restart the networking by :

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

if u still have problems, i suggest you restart the machine and check, the above steps is how i got my network up .

enjoy the new Ubuntu 😉