Fixing MacBookPro Superdrive

I have purchased my MacBookPro in October 2007, after 6 months my optical drive was so picky in reading or writing DVDs and CDs, and after few months, it was able to read originals only.

I tried everything from updating the firmware or flashing it to restore its original firmware, but no luck, until yesterday when i had to format and install the OS from scratch, but to my surprise it wasn’t able to read the Original MacOS DVD.

I Googled once again about the cuase of this, and found some results referring to cleaning the lens,

I followed this tutorial to disassmble the laptop :

and this one to disassmble the optical drive and clean the lens with benzene,

In 1 hour i had my superdrive working as brand new one and saved me from buying a new one 🙂 , i know many who face the same problem with the optical drive, this was a nice way to have it back.

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Hazem Khaled

ok ahmed jobs !!

i have some problems with my hardware !!
i was install hackintosh on Sony laptop, and i have problem with VGA Intel X3100, my wifi card and Ethernet card :S

where can i get support :S

another one plz
my display is 1280 x 800
but the default in mac in 1280 x 768, where can i change it if i can`t upgrade my VGA driver