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12 Hours on MatLab


have been working on matlab for 12 hours, was a nice good painful a little experience :D, now i hardly see.

it is my first time to use this program, i installed version 7.1 and worked on solving 2 Sheets of modeling and simulation which contained 9 problems, devieded into a lot of points 😉

they said that matlab is heavy program, but i didn’t feel that, i had it on a windows installed on virtual machine with parallels, on Mac OS on my MacBook pro, and it ran very fast.

now that i am done, i really liked matlab, looks like it works as a very professiona calculator, and does a lot of stuff.

here is some useful matlab links i stopped by while solving the sheets, i am sure you will find it useful..

i have quite good knowledge with matlab now, so if any of you have any questions, i will be glad to help.