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The blog is Back

After almost 4 years and a half since my last post, and a long period of taking the blog offline. I managed to revive it from the ashes and bring it up again.

More to follow…..

Zend Certified Engineer

Hi mates,

finally i have got certified as Zend Certified Engineer on 10th of this month.

i have been decided to take the exam since a year, but was too busy to hold myself at home and revise the manual and prepare for the exam, but this month i said this is it.

The exam is very tricky with lots of confusing questions, it tests your ability of thinking and your real experience with php, web development, security and many other topics that some people will not expect to exist in PHP exam, it isΒ  real benchmarking to your abilities.

I must say that preaparing for the exam has opened various topics for me to dig deep in, and it was a great experience.

And being one of the only 2 certified in Egypt is cool πŸ˜‰

New Home Page Layout

I dunno if anybody has noticed this cause most of the visitors come to the blog directly, i have deployed a homepage for the site , it contains no graphic, just some ajax / css tricks with some theme.
i was obsessed by the idea that i couldn’t wait until i finish the content of the pages, and i deployed it.
waiting for suggestions to improve it and i will upload the content soon.

Aroma Systems – Be Guided By Your Senses

It has been 3 months since i joined the team at Aroma, and i have to say i enjoyed every single day.

Since i have been always a chaser to my dreams, i found the environment there suitable for me, it gives you the time and the conditions that will make you learn, develop, apply and innovate.

During these 3 months i have finished many projects, i learned a lot, and applied a lot of what i have been learning before during my career.

The team there is amazing, i enjoy working with them, we brainstorm on crazy ideas that looks impossible and we do it :),

We always focus on the new and top technologies that helps us build secure and fast application with very attractive user interface, and since the team is experienced in them and certified from large companies like Adobe, IBM, and Beta Testers for the technology makers like Zend “The php company” we know how to use the tools well to get the best output ever.

We made a new page to demonstrate our work, u will find a video there and some shots behind the scenes, i am sure u will like it. the video is quiet large but it is worth it, be patient πŸ˜‰

The link to the page is

Aroma Systems is a department of Aroma Design & Solutions

we are working now on some projects that will rock the market soon πŸ˜‰

wish me good luck πŸ™‚

Completion of IBM Java Programming Diploma

I have got my certification of completion of Java Programming Diploma last week.

The most usefull thing i got from this course is the stong concept of OOP in java which helped me a lot in PHP especially after working with PHP5 which is diversed to the OOP conecpt. and also using Zend Framework.

i would like to thank the one who encouraged me to take it. ; i am satisfied with it and it was something i must have taken.

i have written some Java tutorials here, i will right more when i am done with the couple of projects i am taking care of now.

What i am reading now – HTML Dog: The Book

HTML Dog: The Best Practice Guide to XHTML and CSS, published by New Riders, has recently hit the shelves!

HTML Dog book coverWith best practices (using web standards) at its heart, it outlines how to do things the right way from the outset to produce highly optimized web pages, in a quicker, easier, less painful way than you might think.

The book builds on and complements the HTML Dog website and applies the same concise, easily digestible, straight-talking, engaging style to achieve the same ultimate goal: to help the reader come to grips with XHTML and CSS and successfully use them in the best possible way.

What’s In It

Split into 10 easy-to-follow chapters such as Text, Images, Layout, Lists, and Forms, and coupled with handy quick-reference XHTML tag and CSS property appendixes, HTML Dog is the perfect guide and companion for anyone wanting who wants to learn about:

  • In-depth XHTML: Learn about all of the valid tags and attributes.
  • Comprehensive CSS: Explore all of the valid selectors, properties, and values.
  • Web Standards: Discover how separating content (using HTML) from presentation (using CSS) can lead to lightweight, easily manageable, reliable web pages.
  • Cutting-edge techniques: Leap beyond the old-school days of font tags, table layouts, and frames.
  • Accessibility: Exploit the mechanisms in HTML designed explicitly to make your pages more user friendly to more people.
  • Cross-compatibility: Make your web pages not only cross-browser compatible, but optimized for screen readers, mobile web devices, and print.
  • Practical demonstrations: See the lessons in action in 70+ “bare bone” online examples constructed especially for the book.

Who It’s For

This book is for those who want to get to grips with best-practice (X)HTML and CSS, and for those who want a solid, reliable reference book.

For novices it details all of the essential bits and pieces to get started (and progress towards a professional standard). For those who want to sharpen up their existing (possibly rusty) skills, it comprehensively lays bare the latest web standards approaches to HTML and CSS. There’s even value for more experienced developers – we all need a trusty reference!

The Author

Patrick GriffithsPatrick Griffiths has been an HTML specialist since 1999. Not a designer nor a programmer, but a front-end developer, with XHTML and CSS his trusty weapons of choice. He has worked in this specific capacity for, among others, Vodafone, Wiley, educational establishments, and on various government projects, and more recently as a developer and instructor for his own company, Vivabit, through which he has provided training for organizations such as Amnesty International, Legal & General, and London’s Natural History Museum.

In addition to writing and maintaining the HTML Dog web site, he has contributed to resources such as A List Apart and the CSS Zen Garden, and is an active, well renowned member of the web design community.

Where is my mind ?

sitting on my desk, listening to “Where is my mind ?” and actually this is the question.

i didn’t use it for a long time, that i forgot where it is, and now i am searching. have used my heart and passion to live, and now when i lost both, i don’t have the motive to do anything.

this is why i should find my mind.

cause lately i found the difference between people and humans,

people are not nice, but some of them are, and they are rare; i can’t deny i met few humans, but compared to the people “that are not nice”, they are very fewwwwww.

now with my feet on the air and my head on the ground, i am asking : where are you humans ?, where is my mind ?

Ubuntu Course : Mission Accomplished

well, this week has been a busy one for me,
but the highlight of the week is that i gave a full ubuntu course to 15 person, from the introduction, passing through the installation, till the desktop and interface, and alternative applications to those on windows.
the course didnt take much time, only 6 hours as the applicants has previous experience with unix.
it was really a good experience, and i can’t wait to do it again.



Sometimes in yor life, when you feel everything is a mess, you need to pause, look back, look forward and evaluate you, is it the correct path you are walking on, was it the same one you choosed, are your companions the right ones for your journy to your dreams.

I just need to pause now and see where i am,


Just got back from the Java Course, this was our third session; the new instructor is Good, i really hope that he will continue the whole diploma with us.

Now i have like zillions of things to do.

Mid term C tomorrow – Lectures to be handed after tomorrow – ACES highboard meeting tomorrow – the new company meeting after tomorrow – report matlab to be delivered – beside my work tasks :'(

No Sleep from now on :S