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AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam experience and study tips

So I have had my AWS solutions architect associate certificate last week, with a score of 939 out of 1000

Over the past 2 years, I’ve been dealing with AWS from time to time, but that has increased significantly in the past 5 months, When I started to do a lot of work related to s3, lambda, and step-functions.

On December I’ve decided to take the architect exam to sharpen aws/cloud skills. I prepared for it for less than a month. and took the exam on Mid January.

I’ve prepared for the exam from multiple resources, but I must say that the exam itself is harder than all the practice tests I’ve seen, there were some topics that never was mentioned in the materials I will mention below. but you just get them from your experience.

So first I’ve started with a monthly subscription in course: aws certified solutions architect associate

One month subscription was enough to prepare for the exam, This is a great course, it goes through almost all the topics in the exam, the labs are very important to do by hand, especially the VPC one. If you can’t do it from memory, don’t do the exam.

Then I’ve purchased the practice tests from whizlabs:

The explanation of the answers in whizlabs will help you a lot understand what is the best solution for the scenario in the questions, Most of the time there is more than one correct solution, but one of them is the right answer because of a certain requirement in the question. like cost, availability, or disaster recovery.

I’ve also gone to Jayendra Patil blog and read a lot of the pages in the aws solutions architect associate exam learning path 

Lastly, I purchased the practice exam from AWS, which I’ve seen most of the questions in it in acloud guru exam simulator, and whizlabs tests.

In summary, I think obtaining the certificate is a good addition for engineers who interact with aws services in their day to day work.

There is a better way to implement X

One of the code reviews comments that I’ve been seeing recently is “There is a better way to do this” and without further explanation.

By far this is one of the killer comments you can leave to someone. It is not only telling the coder that his code is not the best. but also leaving him with two challenging questions.

  • What is wrong about this implementation?
  • What are those better ways?

My advice to any reviewer who writes such comment, Try to write a more constructive review. One of the goals of code review is to identify the problems in the code and propose better ideas for implementation. so If you see something that is not at its best. Identify why it is not. and what are the better ways to implements it? always give the requestor something to learn, and go home with.

And If you are requesting a review then received this comment, don’t be defensive about your code. just take a deep breath, and ask the 2 questions above.