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What Keeps you !!!!!!

i had this question in my head since yesterday,

What keeps you from having a better life, making use of every single second in your life ?

all of us has dreams, but we keep dreaming, and few of us who wake up and go for their dreams.

imagine this scenario with me,

what if you visit a doctor, and he tells you this “you have a serious disease, and i am afraid you have only 6 months to live, you gotta sort your things out cause there is no way you will live more than 6 months…”

will you live the next 6 months of your life as you would’ve lived them if you were not dieing at the end of them….

of course no, you will make use of every single second of it,

so the question is, why you dont do this now, why you dont add quality years to your life, instead of dreaming to have them.

i say you have to take the action, every one of us has to wake up and go for his dream.