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My Search Story :)

How to publish your iCal to Google Calendar

Well, to mark your events in iCal and have them published to your google calendar, first you need to make an account in www.icalx.com

Then from iCal right click on your calendar, and choose Publish, and enter your iCalx calendar information.

after that you can take the link from iCalx and add it as a calendar in your Google Calendar account.

when you do that, every event you mark in your iCal, will be published to your iCalx account and then Google will pull it to your Google Calendar account,

Little tricky but it does the job 😉

Google Calendar SMS Reminders Active in Egypt

Well, as u can understand from the subject, now the sms notifications of google calendar works with egyptian providers, i tried with vodafone and mobinil and it works smoothly.

steps are easy :
1- go to www.gmail.com and open your mail account.
2- click on the calendar link on the top left of the page.
3- in the calendar page click on settings on the top right of the page.
4- click on mobile setup tab.
5- enter your mobile number and then you will recieve a confirmation code,
6- enter the confirmation code and verify.
7- you will be redirected to notifications page, enable all SMS notifications, and setup default reminders for each event, you can setup up to 5 reminders.

you are done, and you can setup repeated events, for example i setup a daily event to wake me up by sms every morning.

another trick if you want to send sms to another person and you have no credit , just enter a new event, with the title