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Need someone badly ?

how many times we wanted to get someone’s friendship, love or even their persistence in our life, and worked hard to get it, and we were ready to do anything to win this, phone calls, mails, greetings, presents and doing favors for him.

and once we have him in our life, he just becomes a daily routine, and we forget how hard we worked for this sort of relationship and how badly we needed that person in our life, now imagine his feeling when he felt really needed and wanted by you, and now he became just someone in your life.

what i am saying to me and everyone of us, look around you, look for everyone you know, and you needed him badly, and you fought hard to get him, can you afford to lose him ? don’t you know that if you did it will take you doubled effort to get him back, and it might not even work again.

now list all of those around you and make them feel needed again, cause they are worth that, or you wouldn’t have fought for them at the first place, and it doesn’t take more than an sms or a card or even a phone call to make it.

isn’t it the time to stop losing people….